From the band now known as "Purple Squirrel"! "Split Shot"is a collection of jazz/rock/funk instrumentals, composed and produced with Bob Schlesinger (keys). Featuring Mark Diamond (bass) and Christian Teele (drums).
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Some short audio clips that demonstrate my playing...
Time (Size)
CD Sampler
3:12 (3.1MB)
Sampler of tunes from my new CD, "Split Shot". Composed and produced by me and Bob Schlesinger (keys). Featuring Mark Diamond (bass) and Christian Teele (drums).
Big Freeze
2:29 (2.3MB)
6/8 fusion thing that I did while playing around with the Addictive Drums plug in. [Warmoth Strat, Bad Cat Cub, Foxrox Octron]
Pretty Song
0:53 (830KB)
Mandolin on this track from Rebecca Folsom's "Water On Stone" album.
Inside Edge
1:40 (2MB)
Demo for an original jazz-fusion instrumental. [Warmoth Strat, Bad Cat Cub]
Public Enemy
1:26 (1.7MB)
Original jazz-fusion instrumental. Featuring Bob Story (harmony guitar), Marc Vullo (bass) and Andrea Beccaro (drums). [Fender Stratocaster, Mesa Boogie MkIIC]
If It's Magic
0:52 (1MB)
Jazz ballad, from Reese's Monkey's album "Bigger Than It Looks". Featuring Kim Reese on vocals. [Guild Manhattan]
I've Always Thought Of You
0:59 (900KB)
My interpretation of an acoustic piece by the great Tommy Emmanuel. [Lowden S25c]
Song For George
0:56 (870KB)
My interpretation of a solo acoustic guitar by Eric Johnson. [Lowden S25c]
Renman Blues
0:58 (910KB)
Slow minor blues. Backing track by Robert Renman. [Fender Stratocaster, Bad Cat Cub]
Natural Disaster
0:36 (700KB)
Funk/pop tune, from Rebecca Folsom's album "Shine". [Warmoth Strat, Blues Junior]
Slips Away
1:26 (1.6MB)
From Jim Cohn's "Homage" album. [Warmoth Tele, Bad Cat Cub]
Band du Garage
0:48 (940KB)
Something I threw together using Apple's Garage Band recording software. [Warmoth Strat, Bad Cat Cub]
Scrapple From The Apple
0:40 (780KB)
Jazz standard, featuring Mickey D'Onofrio (bass), Jimmy Yozell (drums) and Ricardo Peña (piano). [Warmoth Strat, Blues Junior]
Let's Be Too Much
0:46 (902KB)
Demo for this pop-rock tune from Rebecca Folsom's "Shine" album. [Warmoth Strat, Bad Cat Cub]

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